LOWTEC is someone who seems to be always around since electronic music started to exist. but he never was the one who needed to be in the spotslights of an industry focussed on earning money out of the artists creativity. its always more like you meet a soulful, soft and personal sensity when you listen to his tracks. they make you feel home, remind you to something so easy, light and arising from the background, you even can't remember where this feeling is coming from. maybe its from outtaspace or fairyland, but even that doesn't matter. they are existing and they are special and all that matters is not the face of this artist, its your feeling about LOWTECs music. if you see the labels he is releasing on you can see that there is always this family affair feeling. his buddies from RAND MUZIK, smallville or nonplus records are well connected to him as much as he always promotes artists on his labels (outtolunch, workshop records) these days he quiet often takes part in workshop label cases together with KASSEM MOSSE and EVEN TUELL as live act and dj.