** NEWS:
We're very pleased to announce the following flight share opportunities:

+++ Bookworms (L.I.E.S., BANK Records NYC)

September, 29 - Leipzig, Germany
September, 30 - Hamburg, Germany
October, 6 - available
October, 7 - Lisbon, Portugal
October, 13 - available
October, 14 - available

+++ Kassem Mosse (Workshop, Ominira)

We still have a few dates to fill which will shortly follow his forthcoming LP release (more info soon) :

September, 16 - flight share w/ London
October, 27 - flight share w/ Frankfurt am Main
November, 24 / 25 - available
December, 8 / 9 / 22 - available

+++ Via App (BANK Records NYC)

November, 3 - available
November, 4 - available
November, 9 - tbc, Switzerland
November, 10 - tbc, Germany
November, 11 - Zurich, Switzerland
November 17 - tbc, Germany
November 18 - available


Please get in contact with us ( if you have a question, feel spammed or just want to let us know that you're having a lovely summer.

Best, Nadine + Mark


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OPTION MUSIC is an option for you. its about music and the artists who produce their own special feeling of music, friendship and humanity. maybe its more like a family thing somehow, a habitus and friendship beside the effort to be important, to have the face of an artist on the frontpage of a music magazine.

option music is our idea of how people could work with eachother, friendly and respectful. it's a tool, it's not everything, it is what it is: an option

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